Installation in wastewater treatment plant


Wastewater treatment plant Karlovy Vary
The wastewater treatment plant in Karlovy Vary – Drahovice is the largest wastewater treatment plant in the region under the administration of the joint stock company Vodárny a kanalizace Karlovy Vary. It was built between 1961 and 1967 and redeveloped between 1989 and 1994, as its capacity was no longer sufficient with regard to the increased production of wastewater. Another redevelopment took place between 2001 and 2003. Its goal was to resolve the current issues and fulfil the requirements with regard to quality indicators of wastewater discharge.
For the time being 55,107 citizens and numerous producers of industrial wastewater are connected to this wastewater treatment plant. The average daily inflow is approximately 24,000 cubic metres.
Project description

The CHP unit was delivered with the framework of the overall renovation of the Karlovy Vary Wastewater treatment plant. The unit produces enough energy for the operation of the Wastewater treatment plant, while any excess energy is sold to the distribution network. It runs 24/7 and the actual output of the CHP is adjusted based on the current quantity of biogas.

Brief CHP Units Characteristics

CHP Unit type Cento T160 SP
Number of units 2
Fuel Sewer gas
Electrical output 160 kW
Heat output 173 kW
Annual power production 925 MWh
Year of installation 2008
Place of installation Wastewater Treatment plant Karlovy Vary