ISO Certification


The Policy of TEDOM a.s. in the Area of the Quality of Environment Conservation Process

The scope of our activities embraces the sales of energy saving technology (CHP units) and the supply of the heat and electric energy with as high production efficiency as possible. Further business commodity is the buses driven by natural gas, intended mainly for the municipal traffic. This is the contribution of the product of TEDOM a.s. to the environment. To be specific, it is the savings in the primary energy sources and the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

TEDOM is also determined to meet the requirements and expectations of its customers in the area of the quality of all the services it provides. One of the main factors that are crucial for successful operation of the company is systematic and transparent management on all management levels. Generally, success is the result of implementing and maintaining a management system that is based on constant improvement of the company’s activities and mutual respect for the needs and requirements of all the cooperating parties, both inside and outside the company.

ISO Certificates of TEDOM a.s.

ISO 9001 EN-1ISO 14001 EN-2

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