TEDOM Training center



The TEDOM Training Center provides trainings for our service partners, customers and operators of the CHP units. Trainings are conducted by our most experienced employees, true experts in their field. Most of the training are done in Třebíč, most of them can be done also on-site.

Our trainings help our service partners worldwide to get the knowledge and practice that is crucial to operate and maintain our CHP units. 


With trained staff our service partners get an advantage of qualified professionals that are at the right time at the right place. Our training program for service partners is divided according to our three basic types of the CHP units – Micro, Cento and Quanto. As information and CHP units change in time, we require our partners to come every 3 years for a certificate renewal training.



To our customers and operators of the CHP units we can offer trainings that will help them to better understand the construction and operation of a CHP unit.