Saving Principle


Look how the TEDOM GHP units can be used to save the costs for heat and cold (it's a model example, the individual data may differ depending on specific conditions of application). Click the image to enlarge.

Gas-engine Heat Pump TEDOM Polo 100 - Saving Principle

TEDOM Polo 100 - Saving Principle

The picture depicts a comparison of the production of cold using an electrical chiller and TEDOM Gas Heat Pump. In both cases, we need 1.1 kWh of fuel to produce 1 kWh of cold. In addition to the cold, we will also obtain a low-potential heat that can be utilized but that is frequently wasted. However, the Gas Heat Pump will give us an extra 0.6 kWh of heat that would otherwise have to be produced in different manner. This heat therefore represents real saving wherever we need production of cold and heat.

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