Remote monitoring of CHP Units



Remote monitoring means on-line monitoring of the CHP unit operation and technical condition. Remote monitoring allows very quick response to the possible machine faults and their frequent prevention.This feature assists in saving customer‘s money since it markedly cuts down the CHP unit‘s idle time in case of a failure.

Remote Monitoring Allows:

  • reduction of the service costs thanks to the timely analysis of a fault or fault‘s symptom saving of the yields from CHP
  • saving of the yields from CHP unit operation by minimizing the idle time in case of failure
  • analyses of operating status thus eliminating the need for arrival of Service Engineer to specific installation site
  • CHP unit status diagnoses or, if necessary, control system configuration without the need for arrival of Service Engineer to specific installation site


How Does It Operate?

  • CHP unit connected to the remote monitoring system communicates via Internet connection on the basis of two separated communication protocols – one for the purposes of the user, the other for the monitoring purposes.
  • The TEDOM Monitoring has a comprehensive access to all of the measured data of the CHP unit‘s control system. It can diagnose CHP unit or download history independently of the user without limiting the user in CHP unit control in any manner whatsoever.
  • TEDOM Monitoring by no means intervene into the CHP unit operation. It always informs the user in advance about potential problems with CHP unit‘s operation.


Remote Monitoring Levels

Level Services provided

 - periodic daily monitoring of CHP unit‘s operating values

 - saving of operation history

 - service intervention per order


 - non-stop monitoring of the CHP unit‘s operating values

 - saving the operation history with backward data analysis and their evaluation

 - warning the customer if there is an emergent problem

 - regularly sent information on the CHP unit status

 - analyses of the CHP unit‘s technical condition with the recommendations for the user

 - support via phone

 - scheduling the CHP unit‘s regular maintenance

Connection of CHP unit to the Remote Monitoring is conditional upon Internet connection in the installation site.The Remote Monitoring services are charged according to the price list (available on request).

Download the leaflet Remote Monitoring of CHP Units