Nursing Home


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Nursing Home Kynšperk

The main purpose of the facility is to provide year-round social services in the form of residential services, assistance, and support to persons in unfavorable social situation. The recipients of these social services are senior citizens, persons requiring special regimen, persons with limited self-sufficiency, and the handicapped.



Project description

TEDOM was commissioned to deliver a CHP unit that would ensure maximum savings and energy self-sufficiency to the building’s residents. The Micro T30 AP CHP unit that operates 16 hours a day, 365 days a year, was delivered.
Characteristics of the installed unit
CHP unit type 
Number of units
Natural gas
Electrical output
30 kW
Heat output
62 kW
Annual heat production
1286 GJ
Annual power production
208 800 kWh
Year of installation
Place of installation
Kynšperk nad Ohří, CZ
Benefits of the TEDOM cogeneration installation
By installing the CHP unit, the customer will be able to get low-cost heating and electric power covering 2/3 of his total electricity consumption.