A traditional benefit of cogeneration units is efficient generation of heat and power on site.
The cogeneration units combined with absorption chillers can deliver also cooling, when it is required on site. These systems are known as trigeneration.

The benefits of cogeneration / trigeneration can be further expanded with recovery of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases and use of cleaned carbon dioxide in greenhouses. The systems where all four commodities are utilized is known as quad-generation.

QD scheme






CO2 for Greenhouses

Carbon Dioxide is essential ingredient for the photosynthesis process of plants. Ambient concentration of CO2 is about 340 ppm by volume which enables all plants grow well but by increasing the concentration to the level of 1,000 ppm or higher photosynthesis increases proportionally resulting in higher yields. CO2 is therefore regarded as a nutrient, usually transport in pressurized vessels and supplied to the greenhouses.

Quick Numbers

  • 30 % increase of yields
  • 200 kg of CO2 / hour is required to deliver into greenhouse
  • 450 kg of CO2 / hour is produced by 1 MW unit
  • 2.5 ha of Greenhouse can be supplied with CO2 by 1 MW unit

TEDOM-Steuler Concept

TEDOM offers fully integrated CHP systems with CO2 recovery for greenhouse application. Systems are available for Cento and Quanto series with electrical output between 400 to 4,000 kW. TEDOM is using state of the art catalysts from company Steuler that is cleaning exhaust gasses and continually monitor by redundant sensors to assure the concentration of NOX, CO and ethylene is not exceeding required limits.



 TEDOM-Steuler Quad-generation

STEULER Greenhouse Technology

Sketch of the 1.6 MW Quanto unit with CO2 recovery.

STEULER Greenhouse Technology