History of the Company


1991 - Company Foundation

TEDOM s.r.o. that was founded in Trebic specializes in the research and development of CHP units with gas combustion engines.

1994 - Creation of a Holding

Since 1994, a holding-type structure of the company begins to emerge. TEDOM gradually deploys heat-energy systems in several Czech cities through its subsidiary companies and, in 2000, expands its business activity to Slovakia. Ever since its establishment, TEDOM has been cooperating with the production plant in Horovice, with which it makes a capital merger in 1995.  

2001 - Electric Power from Biogas

Kogenerace TEDOM - bioplynWe proclaim our intention to support alternative energy resources and begin to offer our customers biogas fuelling CHP units. Gradually, we begin to focus on energy utilization of landfill gas in a number of municipal waste dumps.

2003 - Expansion of Production Capacity

New buildings for power production and a large-capacity warehouse for spare parts are built in Vycapy. In an auction sale, TEDOM buys the engine works of the former LIAZ  company and incorporates  it into its structure as a separate Engines Division.

2004 - Bus on the Scene

Autobus TEDOMWe decided to expand our product portfolio with city and suburban buses that we fit with our own gas engines and brand diesel engines. The bus manufacturing is handled by the newly created BUS Division. Towards the end of 2006 we opened a new production plant in Trebic for the production of buses. The CNG refueling station was also opened at the beginning of 2009, so that Trebic could welcome the first TEDOM buses in service.

2010 - New design of TEDOM CHP units

In 2010, TEDOM s.r.o. and its subsidiary companies merged into TEDOM a.s. having formed a company with nearly 600 employees. The energy equipment manufacture is effectively linked with the production of road vehicles through our own engine production. We see our future development in the implementation of such activities as would lead to effective utilization of fuel as well as in active approach  to fulfil the European environmental policy.TEDOM Micro T30

TEDOM created a new concept of Cento CHP units; at the same time, the sales of new generation of Micro CHP units started. Natural gas based energy projects and district heating energy sources were allocated to the subsidiary ČEZ Energo s.r.o., a joint venture of TEDOM a.s. and ČEZ a.s.

2011 - energy Centre in Sydney, Australia

TEDOM bought an Australian company GridX and began to build the energy centre at the Sydney airport, Australia, equipped with cogeneration units with total power output of 12 MW. In december, the production of buses was stopped. Instead of it, the production of Micro and Cento CHP units moved to Třebíč.

2012 - Gas Heat Pump / New TEDOM ProductGHP unit TEDOM Polo 100

The production of cogeneration units in Třebíč is gradually increasing. The Cento power range was complemented by a CHP unit with Liebherr engine (200 kW). During the year, the work on gas-engine driven heat pump prototype was in progress. The first GHP unit named TEDOM Polo 100 was put into operation at the end of the year in TEDOM production plant in Třebíč.

2014 - Further CHP Units with Liebherr Engines

TEDOM extends the Cento-series CHP portfolio with additional models. The new models are equipped with Liebherr engines with an output range of 135kW to 500kW. TEDOM is developing a gas heat pump prototype with a "direct evaporation" system. TEDOM proceeds to the finals of the European Business Awards competition.


2016 - New Joint Venture in the U.S.A., Acquisition of SCHNELL Motoren

TEDOM establishes a joint venture branded TTCogen with the American company Tecogen with a focus on selling the TEDOM CHP units in the territorial United States.  In October, TEDOM acquires SCHNELL Motoren, the noted German manufacturer of the biogas CHP units. With this acquisition, TEDOM expands its production and development background and adds an extensive service network in Germany.