Utilization of the Gas Heat Pump


Example of the GHP use in a food-processing plant

Medium-size food-processing plant has these energy consumptions (see below):

Energy consumptions per year
power consumption - production of cold (chilled water) 600 MWh
heat consumption - whole building 5 500 MWh

The building's operating conditions:

Operating conditions
chilled water temperature  1 - 5°C
heating water temperature  65°C
ambient air temperature  10°C
number of daily operation hours  12 hrs
cooling equipment's installed power  360 kW
cooling equipment's electric input  170 kW
using of heat from the cooling equipment  no

The food-processing plant pays the order of hundreds of thousands EUR per year for the power necessary for cold and heat production.

After installation of two TEDOM Gas Heat Pumps (see parameters below):

TEDOM GHP parameters
chilled water temperature  1 - 5°C 
supplied heating water temperature - building's heating system  65°C
total installed cooling power  200 kW
total installed heating power  380 kW
number of installed GHPs  2 pcs
refrigerant type (optimal for this use) R407C

After application, these units substitute approximately 30 % of heat consumption and 60 % of cold consumption.
Installation of two TEDOM GHP units brings yearly savings in payments for energy within the order of dozens thousands of EUR.

Simple payback of the investment ranges from 2 to 4 years.