Domažlice Hospital

Domažlice hospital a.s., is a newly built hospital  that was set into service in 2005.

Project Description

The TEDOM CHP unit of 260 kW electric power and 430 kW heat capacity has been installed in the facility's energy center since the hospital’s establishment. An absorption heat exchanger was supplied in 2010, which utilizes the heat from the CHP unit in the summer season (it is so-called trigeneration). At  the time of its installation, the CHP unit's operation in the summer months was limited due to low consumption of heat. It is not economical for the hospital to waste any of the heat produced in the CHP unit and generate power only.

Further Advantages Assured by Installation of TEDOM CHP Unit

The combined heat and power production allows the hospital to produce its own electric energy while producing cold air for the air-conditioning system from the heat generated by the CHP unit in summer. The main benefits:
  • Savings for the power purchased from the grid
  • Improved utilization of primary energy – natural gas
  • Optional utilization in the island operation mode in case of grid failure

Basic Information on the Installed Unit

CHP unit type               
Fuel natural gas
Electrical output          
260 kW
Heat output       
430 kW
Year of installation
Place of installation
Investor West Bohemia