Installation in a swimming pool facility


The Kravi Hora Sports Facility in Brno

The summer swimming pool in Kravi Hora, built in the 1960's, is one of the most valued vacation and leisure spots in Brno with its location and natural character. That is why the selection was made of the present name of Recreation and Sports Facility Kravi Hora, Allowance Organization of the Brno-Centre City District. It has been used as a vacation place by residents and visitors of  Brno for decades. The resort is valued primarily for its spectacular location on the slope of Kravi Hora with a view of the city panorama and its famous dominants:  the Spilberk Castle and the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral. At present, the facility embodies the recreation opportunities in a modern, yet purely natural environment. 
Project description
TEDOM was asked to design the optimum solution for installing a CHP unit. The refurbishment project was commenced in 2001 - 2002 and the realization was completed in 2004 when the facility was inaugurated on May 1. The Recreation and Sports Facility Kravi Hora has been open for the public since the Saturday of May 29, 2004. Visitors may enjoy the comfort of stainless-steel swimming pools (50 m outdoors, 25 m and 15 m indoors), whirlpool baths, a steam chamber in the hall, waterspouts, water walls, a paddling pool for children, chutes, and other children's attractions outdoors. The capacity of the indoor swimming pool is 165 persons, whereas that of the outdoor premises is 2 000 persons a day.
Brief CHP Unit's Characteristics
CHP unit type               
Cento T100
Fuel natural gas
Electrical output          
2 x 100 kW
Heat output       
2 x 161 kW
Annual heat production
4 400 GJ
Annual power production        
750 MWh
Year of installation
Place of installation
Brno - Kraví Hora
Investor City of Brno


The Benefits of Installing the TEDOM CHP Unit

The aqua park produces power for all of the swimming pools by deploying a device that copies power consumption. Thus, there is no surplus power to sell. All of the heat is used for heating both swimming pools and the aqua park facility. The annual energy savings of the building amounted to approximately CZK 1,774,000 in 2010. According to the customer’s assessment, the project’s objectives have been met and, owing to cogeneration subsidies in the CR, it is a very successful project that won the Grand Prix Award of the Community of Architects for 2005 for the author of the Atelier D.R.N.H. Project. The general contractor of the construction was Unistav Brno.