Installation in mines

KWK Szczyglowice, KWK Sosnica-Makosowy Mining Companies, Poland
Project description
The first project where a CHP unit was installed in Poland was finished in April 2009. Two Quanto D2000 SP CON CHP units were dispatched in December 2008. The installation and assembly work in the KWK Sosnica-Makoszowy and KWK Szczyglowice coal mining companies was performed during the first three months of 2009 under extremely cold winter conditions. All the work was finished by the end of April. The electric power of each CHP unit is 1.95 MW.
Cooperation between TEDOM and ZEG S.A., Gorprojekt was started before this project had been realized, and two CHP units were accepted in January 2008. The electric power of each CHP unit was 1.95 MW.
Additional Advantages Assured by Installation of TEDOM CHP Unit
Environmental bonus - the power is produced by an environmentally-friendly source of energy. This is a decisive factor for the customer, contrary to common combustion of gas.

A project is planned for future to utilize heat obtained from the installed CHP units, as well.  

TEDOM provides reliable non-stop servicing based on a three-year contract.
Basic Information on the Installed Unit
CHP unit type               
Quanto D2000 Container installation
Number of units 2
Fuel mine gas
Electrical output          
2x 1,946
Heat output       
2x 1,937
Annual power production        
32 000 MWh
Year of installation
Place of installation

Szczyglowice, Sosnica (Poland)

Investor own funds

Poland has a large potential in utilizing mine gas as fuel to produce energy and we would like to take advantage of our considerable experience in the next projects in the coal-mine region of southern Poland.