Biogas Fuelling CHP Units Installed


Suchohrdly Biogas Plant

The TEDOM joint-stock company was the general building contractor for the construction of an agricultural biogas plant for the processing of corn silage and pig manure. A time-tested wet fermentation method was chosen for the production of biogas. The core of the project consists of two stainless-steel fermenters with integrated heating, mixing, and extra gas storage containers. The main components of the system include a homogenizing sump for liquid substrates, silage batchers with mixing, and tensiometers. Moisture is removed from the biogas and then burned in three CHP units. The heat generated by the engine’s cooling system is used for heating the substrate and the greater portion of residue heat is used by the plant operator in livestock production. Part of the produced power is used for the purposes of the farm and the rest is supplied to the 
                                                                        regional distribution network.


Characteristics of Installed CHP Units

CHP unit type Cento T170
Number of units 3
Fuel biogas
Electrical output          
495 kW
Heat output       
600 kW
Annual power production        
4 250 MWh
Annual heat production
5 150 MWh
Year of installation
2008 - 2009
Place of installation
Suchohrdly u Miroslavi
Investor Renergie s.r.o.


The Benefit of Cogeneration

The Benefits for Users of Biogas Plants with Cogeneration :

  • Contractually guaranteed purchase price of electricity within tolerance for 20 years from the date the system is put into service (based on prices set by the ERU)
  • Temporary income tax exemption
  • Emergency operation of one of the CHP units to secure the biogas plant operation in case of grid failure
  • Savings from the farm facility heating (utilization of waste heat)
  • Diversification of agriculture and beneficial impacts on crop and livestock production assurance
  • Sustainable crop production, fertilizer in the form of digestate, etc.