Installation in a Bank Building


Mediolanum Bank

Mediolanum S.p.A. is an Italian company providing all financial services. It was established in 1982 by Mr. Ennie Doris in the city of Basiglio. Mr. Doris continues to run the company as CEO and holds 40% of the company’s stock. The second largest stockholder is Fininvest with36% of the shares. Mediolanum’s activities are focused on offering banking services, life insurance, and trusts. Their main product target base focuses mainly on individuals and families. The company is active in other European countries, including Spain, where it is owned by Fibanc. The company is on the main stock exchange list in Italy and it also listed in the FTSE MIB index (a comparable stock market index).

Project description
Energia+ s.r.l., the sales representative of Tedom a.s. in Italy, was chosen for the project, which involves one of the largest banks in Italy. The main goal was to provide the CHP unit to function as an emergency power supply in case of failure. With TEDOM CHP units we label these units SPE. The Mediolanum Bank has two buildings containing two installed CHP units each. The other objective was to utilize the produced heat as efficiently as possible. In summer season, use is made of the trigeneration principle when the produced heat is converted into cold air through the absorption system.
The Benefits of Installing a CHP Unit
The power produced is used for internal consumption of the whole facility and contingent surplus power is sold into the grid. The CHP unit also serves as an emergency power supply in case of power failure. CHP unit installation meets the expectations and earns the expected savings.
Basic Information on the Installed CHP Unit
CHP unit type
Cento T180
Number of units 4
Fuel natural gas
Electrical output
720 kW
Heat output
892 kW
Annual power production
4 460 MWh
Annual heat production
3 600 MWh
Year of installation
Investor Mediolanum
Place of installation
Milan (Italy)


Another successful project

The American Express Bank in Rome where two Cento T160 CHP units were installed. The model used was the Cento T160.