Installation in Garden Centers


Zeiler Garden Centre
The Zeiler Garden Centre is one of the largest Austrian garden centers. Zeiler grows tomatoes for the local market in Münchendorf near Vienna. Its equipment is technically very sophisticated and requires a lot  of heat.
Project Description
Production of vegetables must comply with the environmental and economic objectives and, furthermore, it must be in service year-round. Zeiler Garden Centre is a professional grower of vegetables in green-houses. It specializes mainly in tomatoes. To cover its large consumption of energies, the Garden Centre invests into energy projects. The natural gas fuelling CHP unit was selected for this project. Having installed the CHP unit, the Garden Centre currently produces its own power and heat for its green-houses. What this project required most was a high-quality and reliable CHP unit capable of 24-hour operation 7 days a week for the period of 15 years.

Further Advantages Assured by Installing the TEDOM CHP Unit

Cogeneration makes it easy for the Garden Centre to produce low-cost heat by using natural gas to produce electricity for its own needs. The savings this brings will cover the operating costs and the heat is a bonus for the Garden Centre. The last but not the least thing worth mentioning is reduction of CO2 emissions by 200 tons per year.

  • Lower bills for power and heat 
  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions owing to efficiently used fuel


Basic Information on the Installed Unit
CHP unit type
Cento T100
Fuel natural gas
Electrical power 100 kW
Heat power 155 kW
Annual heat production 1,25 GWh
Annual power production 0,85 GWh
Year of installation 2009
Place of installation Münchendorf, Austria
Investor Zeiler Gemüseproduktion GmbH



"Cogeneration impressed us with the energy cost reduction as well as the fact that it is an environmentally-friendly source that cuts down carbon emissions."

Christian Zeiler
Director of Zeiler Gemüseproduktion GmbH