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Unique Installation in the Chinook Centre, Calgary - VIDEO ADDED!

It was on December 2nd that two CHP units - Cento T200 and Cento T150 - were put into operation in the Chinook Centre Mall in Calgary, Canada.

The installation process of these CHP units was outstanding. The main challenge was to find a method to get the CHP units which were longer than 3 meters, higher than 2 meters and weighing almost 5 tons into the building when the only possible access was a shaft of 230 x 83 cm in size! There was no other option than to disassemble both CHP units completely, drop them inside in pieces to reassemble them on site. Our team of three, composed of Mr. Michal Krajl, Mr. Viktor Konečný, and Mr. Michael Jewell, needed 16 days to complete the task.  All of this was done with the support of our Canadian partner, Olympic Integrated Services, and the local company of Crystal Services that succeeded in bringing the disassembled CHP units in parts inside.

Take a look at the timelapse video!