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The First TEDOM 500 kW CHP Unit in Germany

At the close of 2016, the first TEDOM CHP unit with an output of 500 kW was put into operation in Germany.

The biogas-fuelled Cento L500 CHP unit was installed in the farm-house of the Schmidt family in Geel, the local part of Brodersby municipality in Schleswig-Holstein. In 2016, the Schmidt family decided to extend their biogas plant with another CHP unit. The TEDOM Cento L500 CHP unit, delivered and installed by partner company CoSaRe Energieanlagen GmbH, was chosen on the basis of a quotation of the complete delivery, including the gas treatment plant. The addition of a new CHP to the existing biogas plant required only 4 weeks thanks to the compacted version of the Cento series and the "plug and play" system.