TEDOM CHP units are delivered as standard:

  • With Sound Enclosure
  • As an Open Module 
  • In a Container
  • In Modular Design

The CHP unit version can be adapted to the individual needs of the customer. One of them has, for example, the thermal module separated from the motor generator module that is used in the higher performance CHP units.

Sound Enclosure

The version with Sound Enclosure is intended mainly for installation into buildings. Its primary advantage is fast installation and low noise. It is the best-selling variant of the TEDOM CHP units.

Open Module

The simple concept is intended predominantly for internal installation into sound-proof machine rooms.


The container version is intended for outdoor installation on residential or industrial buildings. Its advantage is easy installation and resistance to weather influences. Aside from the steel container version we also offer the concrete container version.
Hlavní obrázekModular design
The modular design is a variant solution for CHP units of higher output. Its advantage is the variability and adaptability to individual customer requirements.