Haven't you made your choice from the offered standard TEDOM CHP units? Are the plug and play solutions inconvenient for you? Or don't you need a complete CHP unit delivery?
Assemble your own CHP system with Tedom’s online tool and receive up to a 5% discount from the offer price if the equipment is purchased.

(Please bear on mind that CHP unit can be considered a small-sized power plant. Its construction required the necessary skills and experience. Should you fail to have them you would better opt for a complete delivery of TEDOM cogeneration technology.)

Modular Arrangement of CHP Units

We accommodate the professionally proficient investors that are capable of providing certain parts of cogeneration technology on their own and we offer the possibility to acquire separate cogeneration modules. These are the modules for the erection of natural gas fuelling CHP units of the output from 400 kWe- 10 MWe.

What is the Advantage of this Solution?

  • You will choose only such modules and services you need from us
  • You can make use of your own designing, manufacturing or assembling capacities
  • We will help you in optimizing solution to exactly fit to your needs
  • On all accounts, you will benefit from both the proven technology of TEDOM and our experience gained from the deliveries of more than 3500 CHP units into a number of countries worldwide

What Demands Does This Solution Put on Customers?

  • It requires certain experience
  • Customer must take his/her own part in the ordering and installation process
  • More entities take part in the order, this solution is therefore more coordination-demanding

What Customers is This Solution Suitable for?

  • For such customers who are capable of providing certain parts of deliveries on their own
  • For such customers who are already experienced in similar projects
  • For such customers who require individualized, tailor-made solution

What Steps Should I Take?

  1. Choose the CHP unit type that meets your requirements for the electrical and heat output.
  2. Select the modules you require.
  3. Select the complementary services provision of which you will require.
  4. Send not-committal inquiry by e-mail.

(We take the liberty to warn you of the fact that should you select certain modules only, TEDOM is liable exclusively for these modules and not for the complete cogeneration. In case a complete functional CHP unit is ordered, TEDOM is liable to the full extent.)