Application of TEDOM CHP units

Who will benefit from cogeneration?
Who will not benefit from cogeneration?

Cogeneration is suitable wherever there is year-round demand for heating or cooling. Prerequisite to CHP unit installation is the utilization of all the produced heat. This can be achieved by connecting the CHP unit to a suitable accumulation tank. In this case, the CHP unit is only run at peak tariff time, when the supply of power from cogeneration is at its highest, whereby the produced heat is accumulated to be used even when the CHP unit is shut down.


Cogeneration is not convenient where the heat from the CHP unit cannot be utilized completely. This applies, for example, to facilities that do not utilize heat or hot water during the summer, etc. With regard to the power of the smallest TEDOM CHP unit offered, it only makes sense to install a CHP unit in buildings with a minimum annual demand for natural gas of at least 6 000 m3. That is the reason why TEDOM CHP units are not suitable for apatments or small family houses that do not reach the minimum consumption of gas.



Typical Examples of CHP units Application

 Installations fuelling NATURAL GAS
 Municipal Heating Plants MUNICIPAL HEATING PLANTS References Case study  
 Industry and Agriculture INDUSTRY AND AGRICULTURE References Case study  
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 Sports Arenas SPORTS ARENAS References    
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 Hotels and Motels HOTELS AND MOTELS References Case study  
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 Retirement Homes RETIREMENT HOMES References Case study  
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