Advantages and Utilization of GHP


Advantages of Gas Heat Pumps

  • cheaper operation as compared with the electric heat pumps or electric compressor cooling
  • high efficiency thanks to utilization of "waste" heat from the engine and the exhaust gases
  • one unit for combined heat and cold production
  • wide area of application thanks to three effective refrigerants (R407C, R507, R134a, R407F)
  • uses natural gas or LPG - clean fuel with very low emission
  • the same version for external and internal use
  • reliable unit with minimum demands for maintenance
  • quick payback of investment
  • it reduces electrical load of buildings, especially during peaks

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Where can the Gas heat Pumps be useful?

GHP units will find their use in applications, where the requirements for cold supply exist and where the heat can be utilized simultaneously. Especially in:

  • food-processing plants, industrial plants
  • office buildings
  • winter stadiums
  • hospitals, schools, hotels, etc.

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